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Our Services

We provide powerful, high-quality videography and photography to businesses in the Sacramento area. We are a turnkey solution that handles everything from planning the shots, to producing stunning, eye-catching content and everything in between.


The AssafDworld Mission

We seek to utilize our expertise in digital content to provide videography and photography solutions to help businesses grow their engagement, brand awareness, and sales.


Meet Assaf, Founder and Lead Videographer at AssafDworld

My career in photography and videography began over 6 years ago when I fell in love with the ability to tell a story in a creative and cinematic way. My fascination with the business world led me to marry the two concepts. Now, I use my gifts of storytelling to help business owners present their products and services in a unique and custom way. Telling your story through compelling imagery connects with your prospective customers and compels them to purchase from you.


Ultimately, with any project, my goal is to help you make more sales.


Connect with Us:

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